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Online Telecom Training Company Mohali

The world is now a global village where you can easily transact business from one end of the earth to the farthermost end of it with effortless ease. Thanks to great strides in the world of technology. There is the need to keep abreast of latest trends since technology is changing with each day. Have you heard of Online Telecom Training Company Mohali?

The Best Among The Mix
They have been around since 2011; their track record over the years shows that they have all that is required to be in business. Why should you take the risk of traveling thousands of kilometers in a bid to get latest trends in the field of telecom training? There are risks involved.

The advantage of learning from your comfort zones cannot be quantified. At VT Technologies, we have been in business for the past six years and we are waxing stronger.

Distance Is No Barrier

Consider the stress of traveling thousands of kilometers? The risks involved? Time is a very vital tool that must be handled judiciously; it is a perishable community. At VT Technologies, we have designed a system that will save you long hours of commuting to training venues. We are the undisputable leaders when it comes to online telecom training; your best bet is Telecom Training Company Mohali– we are different from the rest.

The Knowledge Is Comprehensive

When it comes to online training in telecommunication; we have what it takes to give you or any corporate outfit the best. While learning from us at your comfort zones millions of kilometers away from us; our trained team of experts have created a classroom experience which makes you feel the entire atmosphere that you can ever get from the real classroom.

Convenience At Its Best

Our goal is first and foremost excellent service delivery. When you name the roll call of Corporate Training Institutes in India; VT Technologies leads while others follow behind. We are very flexible and can adapt to the time that best suits you. Give us the details of your availability and leave the rest to us. We have never disappointed our clients.

We Are Abreast Of The Key Principles

There are some key principles in telecommunication whose knowledge is important to your having a perfect interface with telecom systems. When you have access to these key principles; then the rest becomes very easy. Technology is changing with every passing day; we break the news first at VT Technologies and go onto teach the new concept in a clear and simple language that you can easily associate with.

Our Fees Are Very Pocket-Friendly

There are lots of stress induced ailments around us today. Our goal is to save you the stress associated with commuting from your comfort zone to the training centers; and delivering the quality to keep you abreast of latest trends in communication issues. That is the main reason why our charges remain as moderate as they are today.

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That singular call is your best decision on issues concerning online telecom training.

Comprehensive Course in Wireless Telecommunication

Online Telecom Training Company Mohali

Online Training

Wireless Telecommunications is a comprehensive course on wireless, mobile telecommunications plus wireless LANs and satellites.

You’ll gain a solid understanding of the key principles of wireless and mobile networks:
• Coverage, capacity and mobility
• Why cellular radio systems are used
• Mobile network components and operation
• Registration and handoffs
• Digital radio
• Data over cellular
• Cellular technologies and generations:
– 1G analog FDM
– 2G GSM and IS-136 TDMA
– 3G UMTS and 1X CDMA

Plus, you’ll receive an overview of the radio frequencies and standards for wireless LANs and an overview of satellite communications.

The objective of this course is to develop a solid understanding of mobile communications networks and technologies.