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Have you ever considered learning more about how a connection is invented? As an IT student or a student in general who has the interest in telecommunication area, talking about technology might drive you crazy. Being an expert of telecommunication is almost everyone’s dreams as we are now in the ‘internet era’, where everyone cannot live without the internet.

Talking about the internet, do you ever imagine being a 4G expert?

Well, you come to the right place VT Technologies is the answer for you. You will have the most effective and valuable 4G Training Courses Telecom.

More About Vt Technologies

VT Technologies is the leading company in providing a service in the wireless market in India. It is based in Mohali, India. VT technologies have been successfully implemented the network in over 24 countries, and ongoing operations in a lot more countries. VT Technologies designs, installs, and operate novel solutions that make you have a wireless coverage in every area, even the remotest area of your building.

For years, India has been one country that concerns about the development of technology, especially transmission technology. VT Technologies is the leading expert on the 4G networks which you can rely on giving you training about 4G Courses in India. India is the best country to learn.

Get Into The Details Of 4G Training By Vs Technologies

Now, let’s get into the details. In giving courses, VT Technologies never compromise the quality. As the best 4G Training courses telecom company in Mohali, VT Technologies let you know and learn more about 4G network design and installation by dividing the course into five training sections.

High-Quality 4G Is A Possible Thing

Joining a 4G Training in telecom technology course means that you are very much ready to conquer the world. Why so? Because you are going to learn advanced and high-level process of telecom technologies that will lead you in the world full of transmission technology.

No more doubt, because VT Technologies is the best 4G courses in India. In order to learn more, you are very welcome to talk to us on +91 90235 47474 or straightly email us at info@vttechnologies.org. We, a known telecom training company Mohali are waiting for you, Pals!


4G Training – Course Details



LTE Capacity Planning Training

LTE Capacity Planning Training covers the theory and application of RF planning and designing for LTE RANs. LTE Capacity Planning Training is concentrated on performing RF planning and Design and capacity planning for Long Term Evolution (LTE) based networks.


LTE Fundamentals Training, LTE Standards Training

LTE Fundamentals Training, LTE (long-term evolution) mobile communication system, standardized by 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), a united telecommunications standard development organizations (ARIB,


LTE RF Engineering Training

LTE communication technology is rapidly evolving and wireless devices and components are practically found in everything we are doing today. LTE RF engineering covers all the RF capabilities needed in design sophisticated LTE RF circuits and components.


LTE RF Optimization Training

Learn how undertake network performance improvement (KPIs) and optimization tasks and create acceptance plan, sponsor best practices and ensure data integrity of various morphology/topography databases and drive test data for model calibration.


LTE RF Planning Training – LTE RF Planning, Design, Optimization Training

LTE RF Planning Training is focused on carrying out RF planning and Design and capacity planning for Long Term Evolution (LTE) based networks. It provides a solid understanding of how to plan, design and optimize and a high quality LTE network.