3G Training in Telecom

Shape Your Telecom Career By Joining 3G Training Telecom At Vt Technologies

3G stands for third generation which can be put forward as the third generation of Wireless communication. It supports services which can transfer information at a rate of 2 Megabits per second or more.
The first 3G networks were introduced in 1998. It is quite an aspect when it comes to shaping our future in the world of telecom.3G has various applications as per its usage, few of which are GPS, Mobile-TV, Video conferencing, etc.

Here, at VT Technologies, we assist our trainees with the proper knowledge and work under the 3G Training telecom. It acts as a catalyst in the growth of an individual who aspires to have a future in the field of 3G telecoms.

What You Learn In The 3G Training Course? The Content

We provide training in this field under our 3G Telecom Training course where we provide our trainees with ample amount of knowledge and exposure so that they can shape their future perfectly.

The training is given by certain expertises that have an ample amount of experience and knowledge about the field.

The 3G training in telecom Chandigarh helps you to develop a knack about the 3G telecom technologies which helps you in shaping up your future in the desired field of interest. We have a specialised team that helps you in transforming your theoretical knowledge into practical work, thereby, polishing your skills and thus makes you technically strong.

We provide you with all the advanced utilities that set our standard apart. We have technical support that helps you in grasping and comprehending the knowledge at hand into something that is extremely beneficial for your future. We can assure you that you will have the best 3G training in the field of your desired interest.

The Exposure You Get

We assist our trainees by providing them with the real time working environment which they shall go through after graduating from their respective courses. Our trainees will be provided with the opportunity to work with leading telecom companies as such Idea, Vodafone, Ceragon, etc. They will be working on different projects under the direction of their respective project managers. We can assure you with the quality of training that you will receive here.

For further enquiries you can call us and mail us. We are looking forward to work with you.


3G Training – Course Details



Advanced HSPA/HSPA+ Training

HSPA/HSPA+ trainig course covers the fundamentals of HSPA/HSPA+ network including Adaptive Modulation and Coding (AMC), Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO), Hybrid Automatic Request (HARQ), fast cell search, and advanced receiver design.


HSDPA Fundamentals

This course provides you with a comprehensive business and technical foundation in HSDPA migration paths, services and applications development. It offers an overview of the High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) technology. HSDPA enhances the packet data services provided in W-CDMA (UMTS) by increasing the data throughput and reducing unwanted delays and it allows carriers to increase downlink throughput over W-CDMA links.


UMTS Training – Universal Mobile Telecommunication System

UMTS training course provides a technical overview of UMTS, HSPA and HSPA+ technology and its evolution.
Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) Training covers 3G system overview, High Speed Packet
Access (HSPA) and HSPA+.


HSUPA Fundamentals

Radio design engineers, 3G applications developers, radio network planners, system architect and designer, programmers, system engineers, and technical managers.