2 Months Telecom Courses

Get Your Telecom Career Strengthened With 2 Months Telecom Courses With VT Technologies

2 months telecom courses Chandigarh with VT Technologies aim at strengthening your telecom career, if you ever wish to enter into it. As you can see that nowadays, telecommunication has become a part of everything- be it mobile communication, satellite communication, etc., it makes an evergreen branch to pursue a career into it.

Therefore, without a single doubt, join the 2-month course of Telecommunication and wait for a better opportunity comes your way.

Several Of Modules Are Covered Into It

The specialized 2 Month Telecom Courses with VT Technologies are specially designed for the students ready to get on-job-training after completing B.Tech and B.E in telecommunication engineering. As these courses are designed by experts of the industry, it ensures that you get a complete exposure of each and every module coming your way.

The basic technologies which are included in the learning modules are: –

1. GSM
5. LTE
6. Advance LTE
7. Transmission technology

A Walk Through The Modules In 2-Months Course

As you join the 2 Months Course with VT Technologies, you get total 23 modules to learn from. Each and every module of 23 modules covers important aspect of telecom technology and unveils every basic covered into it. Let us get a clear perspective of modules covered by the 2-month telecom course at VT Technologies.

Come Join 2-Month Telecom Course With Vt Technologies

So, without any delay, come and get yourself guided with experts at VT Technologies. 2 Month Telecom Training Mohali under the guidance of expert here will prove fruitful.


2 Months International Students Training and Certification


2 Months course in telecom

Module 1 : GSM

Unit 1: GSM Architecture
Unit 2: GSM Protocols
Unit 3: GSM Channels
Unit 4: GSM Services

Module 2 : Transmission Technologies

Unit 1: Transmission Media
Unit 2: Multiplexing & Applications
Unit 3: Optical Transport Network
Unit 4: Switching Technologies

Module 3 : Antenna System

Unit 1: Antenna Types
Unit 2: Antenna Properties
Unit 3: Antenna Selection Principles

Module 4 : RF Planning

Unit 1: RF Survey
Unit 2: Transmission Survey
Unit 3: ARFCN Concept
Unit 4: Frequency Planning
Unit 5: Planning Parameters
Unit 6: MAP Info Tool
Unit 7: MCOM Tool

Module 5 : BSS Implementation

Unit 1: BTS Hardware
Unit 2: BSC Hardware
Unit 3: Implementation
Unit 4: OMT Tool

Module 6 : Data Services

Unit 1: GPRS
Unit 2: GPRS Architecture
Unit 3: GPRS Data Flow
Unit 4: EDGE
Unit 5: VAS

Module 7 : CDMA Technology

Unit 1: CDMA Basics
Unit 2: CDMA Architecture
Unit 3: CDMA Codes
Unit 4: CDMA Channels
Unit 5: CDMA BTS Hardware

Module 8 : Operation & Maintenance

Unit 1: Faults & Rectification
Unit 2: ICM Tool
Unit 3: Configuration & Performance Management

Module 9: Network Switching System

Unit 1: NSS Description
Unit 2: SS7 Basics
Unit 3: SS7 Architecture
Unit 4: IN Network

Module 10 : 3G Mobile Networks

Unit 1: 3G Basics
Unit 2: WCDMA Concept
Unit 3: 3G Architecture
Unit 4: 3G Channels
Unit 5: 3G Codes

Module 11 : Network Performance Optimization

Unit 1: Optimization Process
Unit 2: Optimization Parameters
Unit 3: Key Performance Indicators

Module 12 : Drive Test

Unit 1: Drive Test Process
Unit 2: Drive Test Parameters
Unit 3:TEMS Investigation Tool

Module 13 : 3.5G Networks

Unit 1: HSDPA
Unit 2: HSUPA
Unit 3: Evolved HSPA

Module 14 : 4G Networks

Unit 1: 4G Introduction
Unit 2: 4G Architecture
Unit 3: Resource Blocks
Unit 4: 4G Channels
Unit 5: 4G Parameters

Module 15 : Networking Concepts

Unit 1: OSI Model
Unit 2: Network Layer
Unit 3: Internet Protocol

Module 16: Telecom Management

Unit 1: TMN Basic
Unit 2: TMN Architecture
Unit 3: SNMP

Module 17 : Cloud Computing & Virtualization

Unit 1: Cloud Computing Concept
Unit 2: Cloud Infrastructure
Unit 3: Virtualization Concept

Module 18 : Software Defined Networking

Unit 1: SDN Introduction
Unit 2: SDN Requirement
Unit 3: SDN Architecture

Module 19 : Network Functions Virtualization

Unit 1: NFV Introduction
Unit 2: NFV Requirement
Unit 3: NFV Architecture

Module 20 : Internet Of Things

Unit 1:IoT Introduction
Unit 2: IoT Architecture
Unit 3: IoT Applications

Module 21: Wi-Fi & Wi-Max

Unit 1: Wi-Fi Concept
Unit 2: Wi-Max Basics
Unit 3: Wi-Max Infrastructure

Module 22 : Career Skills

Career Skills

Module 23 : Project Assessment & Certification

Project Assessment & Certification